July 25, 2015

Prayer based on Ephesians 2:19-20

Lord God, Holy Spirit, who has gathered a congregation here on earth, we thank you that you have made us members of the holy Christian church through faith in Christ Jesus, our Savior.  Here  in  your  church  the  gospel  is  proclaimed  and  the  sacraments administered  according  to  your  command.  From all sides come enticements to compromise the truth you have given us.   Preserve us and our church from false teachers and false teachings. Give us courage to defend the truth of the Gospel.  Grant that your Word may always be taught in all its clarity and purity. Bless the work of those servants whom you have called to lead us into a deeper understanding of your Word. Move the hearts of our youth to prepare themselves for the pulpits and classrooms you have established for the proclamation of the truth. Give your church faithful members, willing to pray and sacrifice for the cause of Christ.  Preserve the spirit of unity and peace among us so that the world has no cause to ridicule that for which you gave your life. Show us how best to serve you as members of your Church both here at home and abroad. Stir up our hearts and the hearts of our fellow believers to give eager and generous support to the spreading of your Word. Send laborers into your harvest in the power of your Spirit. Prosper the work that is carried out in our missions, at home and abroad.  Let your kingdom come, and let your will be done among us and among all people.  Amen

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